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Ring Resizing Service

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Wellington and North rings can be resized up or down, and this work is carried out by our network of qualified jewellers. The extent to which we can alter a ring by is dependent on the ring design - however generally speaking we are able to resize by one-two Australian/UK sizes. Please order the Wellington & North ring size closest to your requirements in conjunction with selecting this service.

Customers who select the resizing option will be contacted via email after their order is submitted at check out. We will work through the details of your sizing requirements and advise of turnaround times (generally one week). If we are unable to resize the ring to your required size, we can arrange a one-off custom order for you.

A table outlining Wellington & North ring sizes is located in our FAQs.

If you have any questions about our resizing service (which is available only for Wellington & North rings), please contact us via email at