About Us

At Wellington & North we believe that jewellery can be a bit like a wearable diary - with special pieces marking special moments in your life. We make beautiful, affordable pieces that will last a lifetime - we're all about slow fashion, natural beauty and gorgeous materials... we focus on pieces made from quality sterling silver, gold and beautiful semi-precious stones.

Every time we wear our Wellington & North pieces we get so many compliments, we thought we would share the love. A big focus for us here at Wellington & North is to add a bit of glamour to the everyday. Throwing on a beautiful piece of jewellery as you head out the door instantly makes you feel better! We've deliberately chosen pieces that elevate any outfit - whether you're doing the school run, heading up a (virtual) boardroom meeting, watching your favourite band, or sharing an amazing meal with friends and family (all of which are some of our favourite things).

We are a proud family business. As this business has grown from a concept to a fully fledged operation, we have spent many hours travelling between our houses - which are connected by Wellington and North roads. When we were throwing around ideas for our branding, it just seemed right to reference a really tangible connecting factor that has allowed us to live out a dream we have talked about for ages.

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PO Box 338 Wonthaggi,